MF98666 - as yet unreleased

01. Bandstand (R. Ostermann)
02. Shooting Videos (R. Ostermann)
03. Urban Hero Bluessinger (R. Ostermann)
04. Crash The Sky (R. Ostermann)
05. Imaginative Boy (R. Ostermann)
06. Dancing Brain (R. Ostermann)
07. Little Jailbird (R. Ostermann)
08. Expecting Me To Fly (R. Ostermann)
09. Teenage Rampage (R. Ostermann)
10. Sweet Transvestite (R. O'Brien/R. Ostermann)
11. Hot Pool Of Need (R. Ostermann)

Magic Fish is:
Rocco Ostermann - vocals, guitar, piano, synth, fiddle, shakapur ocarina
Jan Willem Bosvelt - bass
Marc Tangelder - guitar, backing vocals
Colin Janssen - drums, backing vocals
Miss Charley B. - percussion, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Roy Klein-Entink (backing vocals)
Rob Te Kamp (backing vocals)

Produced & mixed by: Dick Kemper, Rocco Ostermann & Roy Klein-Enting
Recorded at S&K Studio, Doetinchem.